Come to Sea life hotel Ayurvedic Center to recover from the hectic life of megapolises!

Enjoy the beautiful North Cyprus climate with its crystal clear sea water, sandy beaches, mountain air and unique nature together with classical and nontraditional personal treatment system of our Health and beauty centre to achieve harmony and balance in the body and soul. We have different treatment packages including massage, facial and body treatment, aromatherapy, yoga practice etc. to meet each customer’s needs. Swiss cosmetics in combination with Indian aroma oils, local and Indian herbs, European approach and experience, relaxing atmosphere – this is the unique combination which helps you to get harmony in the quickest and efficient way.

Facial treatments
  • Classic skincare
  • Hydrating treatment
  • Anti-Aging
  • Med beauty Vitamin Care
  • Microneedling
  • All treatments with Swiss Cosmetic Products
  • Classic massage
  • Aroma massage
  • Relaxing massage
  • Sport massage
  • Back and Shoulder massage
  • Anti Cellulite Massage
  • Deep Tissue massage
Ayurvedic treatment
Don’t only activate your body but also calm your spirit. Warm sesame oil is spilt over the body and massaged deeply into the tissue. They bring you to deep relaxation, assist the immune system and reinforce the tissue and articulations, relax nerves and organs, dissolve blockades and bring back the energy of life.
  • Whole or partly body–Abhyanga 
  • Foot treatment –Padabhyanga 
  • Head treatment Shiroabhyanga
  • Back treatment –Prishthabhyanga 
  • Packages / Packings with herbs Upanahasveda
  • Forehead shower -Shirodhara (60 Min.)
  • Treatment with raw silk gloves -Gharshan
  • Treatment with powders -Udvartana 
  • Treatment with herb chop -Kizhi
  • Special treatment for locomotor system Kalari Chikitsa
  • Face, neck and shoulder massage –Mykabhyanga
  • Sudation treatment -Svedana 

Specialists in helping you relax
Our experts are always here to help
Please view our packages below. For any queries or consultations call +90 542 882 42 21
Package 1
Spa & Breakfast
Swimming Pool
Package 2
Ayurveda Day
Medical Consultation
Ayurveda Massage
Facial Mask
Herbal Tea
Package 3
Detox Kur
We will replace the troublesome counting of calories by a special ayurvedic diet concept. The intensive treatments based on the Panchakarma, purify the body, remove toxins from the intestines, optimize the digestion and strengthen the function of the organs
Medical consultation
Daily weight reducing Ayurveda remedies based on herbals
Svedana Therapie
Intensive Massage
Package 4
Anti Stress Retreat
During the hectic day-to-day life we often lose the feeling of inner harmony. This results in lack of physical and mental strength. The unique combination of the treatments for reducing stress and toning helps your body and skin to relax, to regenerate and improve signs of aging. Swiss cosmetics products, beauty treatments, Ayurvedic massage, yoga or meditation support this process.
Medical consultation
Facial with deep cleansing
Vitamin Care regeneration treatment
Aroma beauty treatment
Head or foot massage
Body peeling
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