located in the North-West of the island of Cyprus, is located on the shores of the Gulf of the same name. Morphou is surrounded by citrus orchards, a large number of greenery, historical monuments make it very attractive for tourists. Thanks to the fertile, well-watered grounds, Morphou became the leader in the agricultural production of Northern Cyprus. Orange, grapefruit, mandarin trees, melons, watermelons, potatoes, pomegranates, vegetables, strawberries are all grown in Morphou.

Every year in June and July an orange festival is held, which symbolizes the end of the harvest of citrus fruits, the festival attracts visitors from all over the island. In Morphou, you can admire the beautiful views of the island's largest mountain system, the Troodos.

Along with the natural beauty of Morphou is rich in its history. The ancient city of Soli, the Vouni Palace, the Church of St. Mamant, the Archaeological Museum attracts guests.


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